I’m making a small list of why I wish disease and illness upon everyone that had anything to do with the creation of NHL 12

I’ll add more as I think if them. This mostly pertains to playing against the computer on superstar.

  •  the computer is 100% accurate at swatting pucks out of midair. my guy will do that one in six hundred forty-two times.
  •  always a step faster, even if they start skating after me and i’m gaborik vs like, pk subban.
  •   nets comes off pegs just because, especially when i have an odd man rush and am already in the neutral zone.
  •  Miraculous goalie against, worst goalie for
  •  My computer players; don’t pick up puck right in front of them. Them; reaches through my players to get puck
  •  players NEVER in correct spot. don’t like to stay on their man or stop in front of the fucking net.
  • tiny love taps against me cause my players to break all their bones. a hit that I dish out that could put someone in the hospital barely makes them flinch as they continue to carry the puck 
  • that stupid shit when someone winds up to take a shot but the puck misses them so the stay wound up and float over to the puck and eventually swing at nothing
  • Computer likes to take penalties for you if you’re playing too well 
  • Whether they’re set up or at a good angle or not their hits always knock you over 
  • You; gets goalie interference called against if a player who’s not even looking accidentally taps goalies pad with skate. They get away with a full out charging cross check.. and the goal counts. 
  • an unrealistic amount of broken sticks on prime opportunities 
  • Ridiculously unrealistic goals, apparently lundqvist is the worst goalie in the world.
  •  Broken glass and goalie fights.. You added two things this year and neither of them happens. Ever.
  •  unrealisticly weave through everyone with moves that would never ever work 
  • glitch goals doesn’t even need to be said.. follow through of sticks going through my player’s body and still get a perfect shot? right.
  • oops, am I winning? Better give the computer six more minutes of offensive possession.
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Posted on Tuesday, 3 July
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